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The “Maple Syrup diet” that Beyonce went on before making Dreamgirls is a fast. The process is hard on the body. When Beyoncé Knowles had to lose weight .Jul 17, 2018 The Master Cleanse, or Lemonade Diet, is a juice fast used for quick weight loss. Here's a Add maple syrup as needed for additional calories.That's the promise of the Maple Syrup Diet followed by pop star Beyonce. But is this diet really the best way to shift those excess pounds and will it work for .The Lemonade Master Cleanse is a detox cleanse using Maple Valley organic maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Master Cleanse kits available.Para cuidar tu salud a la vez que adelgazas, la dieta del sirope de arce es adecuada porque es una dieta detox, es decir, es un ayuno depurativo que .

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