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8 Ian 2019 Astazi o sa vorbim despre trendurile acestui an in materie de diete. Care sunt cele mai populare diete? Haideti sa descoperim impreuna.

1 Oct 2018 Dieta Thonon este una dintre cele mai populare diete ale momentului, iar cei care au ținut-o deja se pot bucura că sunt mai slabi.

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Diet trends have come and gone throughout the years. Take a look at the most popular past diets over the last 100 years, from the Fletcherism.

20 Mai 2018 Este una dintre cele mai populare diete din ultimul timp şi promite să te scape de aproximativ 10 kilograme în 90 de zile. Dar pierderea .

29 Nov 2016 Fiecare doamna sau domnisoara si-a dorit sau isi doreste sa scape macar de cateva kilograme in plus, am ales 8 dintre cele mai populare.

Time to make a change? Learn about popular diet plans, and get tips for choosing a weight loss program, pros and cons of various plans, safe ways to lose weight.

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Diets include the ketogenic diet, the Zone diet, and the raw food diet. There is a wide variety of diets for losing weight, gaining weight, or living healthily.

According to the list, the five most popular diets in the US are: the Mediterranean diet, the fast diet (a.k.a. intermittent fasting), a vegetarian diet, the South Beach.

The magazine named their No. 1 after identifying 38 popular diet plans and having a panel of nationally recognized nutrition and health experts rate each diet in seven categories:.